In Fall of 1969, Step and Stride was first introduced into the market. Falling back on 27 years of expertise, Step and Stride created fashionable shoes for babies at affordable prices.

20 years later, Step and Stride was servicing over 4,000 accounts in the United States being seen as true partner in retail and offering a full range of styles, sizes and display solutions.

Step & Stride® has a rich and magical history in the footwear industry, conveying a whimsical feel. Keeping pace with where the brand left off, the reintroduction of the brand addresses all major footwear categories for boys and girls, ages 0-6. With identifiable proprietary technology such as use of Ortholite® in each style, uniquely flexible outsoles and dual density cushioning, and removable insoles in every style, the focus on comfort, wellness, and fit sets Step & Stride shoes apart from the competition.