Vida is an invaluable resource because of our employees expertise. The designers have a diverse background in fashion and product design with experience in almost every footwear category. They travel the world and use the most extensive trend forecasting and material resources for inspiration. Our developers and fit technicians are highly skilled at both building quality product and managing production.

Business Planning
Vida assists in the development of business plans by using an aggressive, pro-active approach of analysis. By developing plans, tracking sales and monitoring margins continuously, we are able to develop flexible in-season strategies to ensure all goals are achieved. Our planning methods are used in our wholesale business as well. We plan our mark-up, sales, inventory, and gross margin by brand by season. These elements are monitored against the business plans and adjustments are made to make certain we achieve our business objectives.

Sourcing and Quality Control
Vida Shoes has an extensive international network of manufacturing facilities and material vendors developed over the last 30+ years. We work to maintain continuity with our sourcing network in order to improve our quality standards from year to year.